Wednesday, 9 September 2015

5 Things You Should Know About Literature

Literature gives us joy and therefore appeals to our sense of attractiveness. Literature reaches the intellect through feelings or the heart. Us mainly inspire. While poetry is the literature of emotion prose is the language of motive. Love, hate, pleasure, grief, anxiety, pity, rage, envy, vengeance, charity such are the emotions that poetry awakens in varying amounts. The intense the emotion, the more the attractiveness of poetry. The poetry of Tennyson, Keats and Shelley is charged with emotion.

In this informative article we'll see what it ought to be and what the essence of literature is? Literature reveals life, human emotions, complexities, difficulties and heartedness?

(1) RAW MATERIAL FOR LITERATURE. Human life is the raw material for literature: human happiness, happiness, griefs, feelings, emotions, expressions, human merit and vices, human greatness and abasement, human aspirations, bravery, hope, disappointment, success, failure, encouragement, admiration, anger and frustrations are the things of which it's made. Literature may therefore be thought of as a reflection of life or in the language of literary criticism, an imitation of life, it depicts human beings, their motivations, aims, objectives, and dreams, the ups and downs of human life, ideas and actions.

(2) THE FUNDAMENTAL QUALITY. An essential quality of literature is the fact that it appeals to the mind through emotions. This mental quality is the rationale of its own worldwide appeal along with its distinguishing symbol.

(3) DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SCIENCE AND LITERATURE. Science and particularly the natural science attractiveness to thoughts of man through empiricism, experimenting, rationality and intellect but his heart wakes. It's due to the emotional appeal that literature is broadly read in industrialized and developed nations. Science having a brainy and solely intellectual attractiveness is concentrated and analyzed by just a minority of general people.

(4) VARIETIES IN LITERATURE. There are lots of types of literature, each having its own distinct features and possessing its strange and remarkable attractiveness. Long play, drama, novel, fiction, short story, poetry and biography are the main sections of literature, all which have enormous popularity; a preference for such literature has spread to the common man.

(5) LITERATURE IS A BLESSING. Literature is among the best blessings of life, as it exists mainly to give joy to us. This is a wellspring of exquisite pleasure to read the lyrical poetry of Shelly, the sensuous poetry of Keats, the narrative poems of Coleridge, Scott and Byron, the Nature poetry of William Wordsworth, the sweet and musical verse of Tennyson and Rossetti and the melancholy poetry of Matthew Arnold. The comedies of Shakespeare with their abundant wit and comedy are a wellspring of unending delight. The novels of such writers as Jane Austen, Dickens, Hardy, Stevenson, Arnold Bennet and H.G Wells, have given joy and lessons of life to innumerable readers. Really, the study of literature is among the most abundant sources of human happiness. It escapes from our private situation and issues and supplies with. We find ourselves in a world that is new and wonderful. We move about in the organization of such characters as Falstaff, Mr. Pickwick, Mr. Micawber and Colonel Newcome.

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