Thursday, 10 December 2015

What are the Treatment Options Available for Varicose Veins in Franklin MA?

The varicose veins are sometimes connected with deep vein thrombosis in some patients. The physicians are not sure whether varicose veins causes deep vein thrombosis or the symptoms of DVT results to varicose veins. It results in skin damage in and around the ankle area. It is important to consult your general practitioner if the varicose veins are causing any serious symptoms. You can ask your physician to refer a vascular surgeon for further treatment and checkup.

If the varicose veins are found behind the patient’s knee and it is recurrent, the physician may ask you to take duplex scanning.

The Speciality Vein Care is experienced in providing treatment for varicose veins Franklin MA condition. Some of the treatment available for varicose vein include radiofrequency ablation, foam sclerotherapy, endovenous laser therapy and the operation.

The duplex scanning will remain as a part of the above treatment options. The physician will monitor the condition of the patient and then suggest an option. If they are not able to get a clear scan, the patient will be asked to take a vein x-ray. It is called as venogram. It is occasionally required. The patient will be injected with a dye into a vein. The physician will trace the contrast that travels the veins along the thigh and calf. It is the best way of observing early damage caused due to the deep veins. The other scans that are necessary include CT and MRI.

Is treatment successful?
The stockings help in a great way for preventing skin complications and controlling the varicose veins symptoms. It is effective only if the patient uses regularly. It helps to avoid surgery for the majority of patients.
The varicose veins are also treated in the form of injection. It is highly successful for several patients. The latest treatment foam sclerotherapy needs advanced evaluation. It is recommended to wear stockings and prevent the symptoms in early stage.

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